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Yellow Tunes basically an Indian Based Music Band which producing music for Movies (OST) Original Sound Tracks  , Documentary films & Short films, Independent Album Songs for India  & International. also we Producing Music Videos ,.Instrumental Music tracks for Vlog background , Animation - Gaming music tracks ,Upbeat Corporate Music Tracks , Epic- Cinematic Trailer Tracks and  Spiritual Music Tracks for Meditation. 

Get Yellow tunes Royalty free music tracks on the different category of Indian Instrumental music tracks, Indian classical music tracks ,with Traditional Indian instruments of Sitar, Veena, Tabla, Flute, Bansuri, Bamboo flute, Dhol, Santoor and etc, 

Yellow Tunes Offering Fully 100% Royalty Free Music  ...!

►  What is “Royalty Free Music”? ‘Royalty Free Music’ simply means creators can purchase a license, pay once, and never have to pay additional royalties to continue to use the music. ‘Public Performance’ royalties are still owed to the composer of the track every time their music is performed publicly (television, radio, etc.). However, you/your client NEVER pay these royalties. They are paid by the network broadcasting the music.

Yellow Tunes - Royalty free music collections

  • Purchasing a royalty free music collection gives you a lifetime right and license to legally use the music from that collection in any and all of your videos and productions without needing to pay a repeat license fee each time that music is used in a new production.

  • Royalty free collections are also licensed for use in worldwide TV broadcasts as well as video games and mobile apps.

  • Any use of the music must be for within your own productions. If you are a freelance editor making videos for different clients, they must be the licensed end-user of the music and each must buy their own copy of the collection. You cannot use one copy of a royalty free music collection for multiple/different clients.


This privacy policy sets out how collects, uses and protects any information that you give when you use this  is  committed to ensuring that your privacy is protected.

Should we ask you to provide certain information by which you can be identified when using this website, then you can be assured that it will only be used in accordance with this privacy statement.

What we collect 

We collect the following information (during checkout):

  • your personal name

  • your email address (to send you download details for any orders you make)

  • IP address (legally required as proof of country of residence for tax collection and remittance purposes during checkout)

  • your address (legally required as secondary proof of residence for tax collection and remittance purposes during checkout)


Please note: absolutely no financial or credit card information is ever collected or stored by – all transactions and payment processing takes place via PayPal when the user leaves this site during checkout.


  • All licenses for music use are only valid after full payment has been received.

  • Due to the non-returnable nature of mp3 digital music files, refunds are not possible. Please ensure you purchase the correct songs.

  • When purchasing any form of license (royalty free or No Copyright) the music is licensed to you for use in your production(s) only. It is not a transfer of copyright or ownership; copyright of the music remains with the composer at all times.


  • All our Products of music Tracks downloading Link providing  by your email Address which you entering before purchase .

  • ImmediateTime of delivery - after full payment has been received

  • All our Products are only available on Online .  All our Delivery systems are complete online based . 

  • Depending on some customers personal request or music customisation  we sending files by different storage platforms of google drive , we transfer and dropbox . 

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